Grandma Cisqueta's recipe

Cal Ganxo’s Calçot Sauce is a hand-made, high-quality produce. It is made following tradition and using local, natural ingredients, with no artificial colours or preservatives, by following the original recipe by Grandma Cisqueta de Cal Ganxo.

This is a gourmet sauce, ideal to share with both traditional and top-notch cuisine dishes. It is a true pleasure for the palate that was originated in calçotada and that has evolved to become an iconic sauce in Catalan cuisine. 

Ingredients: almonds, nyora (sweet, dried peppers), garlic, tomatoes, chili, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, egg, parsley, vinegar and salt. 

Where to buy

Calçots sauce is one of the key elements of calçotada in Cal Ganxo. Customers enjoying calçotada in our restaurant recognize and love the flavour of a handmade sauce following the original and traditional recipe by Grandma Cisqueta

This is why, besides trying it live, you can now buy it in our restaurant, so that you can take it home or gift it as a handmade produce from Valls. Other points of sale are also available (please see below):

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