Cal Ganxo's calçotada, faithful to tradition

Cal Ganxo is the only restaurant in Valls and Catalunya that only serves calçotada. Faithful to tradition, we offer an authentic gastronomic experience, where calçots are cooked over the flames made using vine shoots and served immediately, wrapped in newspapers and then onto roof tiles, the way it’s always been. 

The calçots sauce, an original recipe by Granma Cisqueta de Cal Ganxo, is key in the success of this meal. Calçots are always followed by lamb, pork sausage and black botifarra (similar to black pudding) from Valls, served on a small grill with live embers, together with “ganxet” beans, artichokes and aioli. 

All this, with rustic bread, wine and “brut nature” cava. The sweetness of “crema catalana”, the freshness of the orange and the pleasant aroma of coffee are the perfect ending to a traditional menu with local and high-quality produce.

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