• Around the 70s, cousins Pep Plana and Lluís Figuerola were dedicated to sale and restoration of rustic properties in the Alt Camp’s region, when they found out the ancestral home of Masmolets. It was a half-ruined property with a special charm that made the house different from all the rest. The family got excited with the house’s restoration, and regarding the potential the house had, they decided to convert it into a restaurant, preserving all original spaces and rooms.

    So that in November of 1980, Pep and Lluís opened Cal Ganxo, the restaurant with the family’s home name (renowned home). The success the restaurant has had, it is due to investing in the calçotada cuisine and due to the constant supervision of Grandma Cisqueta de Cal Ganxo, who transmitted from generation to generation the knowhow that has converted Cal Ganxo in a great tradition restaurant that has become a quality model in the calçotada’s culture.

  • Following Grandma Cisqueta’s advices, Pep and Lluís and his wife, were managing and developing the restaurant. Immediately, Loli, Pep’s wife, join in the business. While the restaurant was being consolidated in the local region and also in Catalonia, the children of the two couples, Lluís (son of Lluís and Joana) and Alexandra (daughter of Pep and Loli) were playing in the restaurant, being already impregnated by the smell of calçots and the tradition and culture of the calçotada.

    For that reason, years later, both have become part of the management team of Cal Ganxo, a restaurant managed under the values of a united family.  Three generations dedicated to restoration and calçotada cuisine in Cal Ganxo, where constancy and quality over time has created a familiarity link with customers, who have also inherited from generation to generation the tradition to have the Calçotada in Cal Ganxo.