• Cal Ganxo is the unique restaurant in Valls and in Catalonia that only serves calçotades. True to tradition, it offers an authentic gastronomic experience, where the calçots are cooked on fire over vine shoots and they are just served at the moment In tiles and wrapped with newspaper, as it was done in the antiquity. The handmade calçots’ sauce, original recipe from Grandma Cisqueta de Cal Ganxo, becomes the key to success of the meal.

    After the calçots, we serve lamb and Catalan sausages from Valls over a small grill with embers, accompanied by Catalan beans, artichokes and garlic mayonnaise. During the meal we also serve bread, wine and cava brut nature. The sweetness of the Catalan Cream, the freshness of the orange and the pleasant bitterness of the coffee close a meal elaborated with high quality local products.

  • It is said that the calçots were discovered, or better said, invented for a solitary farmer from Valls at the end of the Nineteenth Century, known with the name of Xat de Benaiges. He started cooking the onion buds over embers. After that he peeled the charred ending part and, inadvertently, he invented the calçot.

    At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the calçotada became a gastronomic feast in the city of Valls. Since the years sixty, the boost of some restaurateurs from Valls towards the calçotada cuisine has made that ten of thousands of people from all the country visit Valls every year to taste the popular calçotada, bestowing the city with the hallmark of City of Origin of the Calçotada.